Thursday, October 20, 2011

pieces of sunlight

Framed by cobalt blue
it's brilliant yellow beams to the earth.
a quiet breath causes it to shift then shimmy

breaking off 
as silent 
bits of

make their way
to the ground for my feet to tread on
pieces of sunlight...


  1. Love this. I'm getting a chance to enjoy the Fall colors this year, visiting my sister in the Midwest. The leaves are gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful! How I love to tread on golden pieces of sunlight. :D Have a great week. :)

  3. I'm rather jealous of your autumn colours! That top picture is stunning. Wow.

  4. What gorgeous words and shots! Magical.

  5. Funny how the trees are dropping their coats as we are reaching for ours.

  6. Is this your way of making us feel better that summer is over, everything is dying, and soon there will be cold wind and winter piling snow at your doorstep? Maybe when you slip on the ice two or three times this winter, gut stuck in a snowdrift, and hurt your back shoveling it only to have the snowplow come and dump shit back into your driveway you'll remember that it's all just "pieces of sunlight".

    BTW...I love the pictures :)

  7. I've never been to Key West, but I'd love to go there sometime, especially after reading your post. I love how you added the magical aspect. Well done!

  8. "tread on pieces of sunlight" -- very lovely. yep, we were on similar wavelengths for sure! i do love this season :)


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