Friday, October 28, 2011

Last flowers of summer

A week and a half ago, we were on a walk in the foothills and I took this picture.  

Today the hills are covered in snow (and no, I am not going out there to take a picture!). It's possible they may have made it through the storm, but winter has made it's presence known and I am already feeling the denseness of the cold. I hang on to warm weather as long as I can in spirit and in mind because I need it to survive the shortened days and brittle winds of winter. 
So here's to holding on to the last flowers of summer. 


  1. I understand some folks actually LIKE winter. I'm not one of them.

  2. Pretty picture. It's been so warm in Ohio this fall that my tomato plants keep blossoming. I think that's over. The cold is here.

  3. I have some late blooming violets on my porch but I'm not sure they'll make it through the snow we're expecting tonight. If we do get snow, it will be early. And I haven't even carved my punkin' yet!

  4. Hi, Danette,

    I just love dropping by your blog. I am always treated to a lovely "natural" work of art.


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