Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Warning: This post contains political content. 
There are protesters gathered in New York today and have been for a couple of weeks now to remind us that Wall Street has purchased our government. Over a thousand have suffered arrest in the process. They are there to say simply: We are the 99%. There is a young man holding up a sign that says "I have to choose between an education or a meal." A retired gentleman that says, "Wall Street stole 25% of my 401k" And an elderly woman peaking over the top of a piece of paper that says, "I am weeks within running out of unemployment-- can't find a job-- and soon will not be able to pay my rent. Retirement eaten up by medical bills for my-- now deceased-- partner. I'm one of the 99%"

I consider myself fortunate. I have a city job that has paid sick and holidays. I have decent health insurance (although it will increase once again this year). I don't make a lot of money but it pays the bills. I'm a single mother (no child support) with more than my share of health care costs and my son also has asthma and needs medicine. At this moment I am rubbing my tongue on a chipped tooth in the back of my mouth. It's broken and needs fixed but I can't afford a root canal and I don't want it yanked out. I pay more for food, gas... basic survival and will lose out on money I have paid into Social Security and Medicare (when I get to that stage in my life) if things continue to go in the direction they are going because 1% of the population feels they are above the rules of society. I am the 99%. 

Many stories but all there to remind America that Wall Street is stealing the American dream out from under us. We can't all be there to protest but we can support them in our own way-- from our blogs, from our tweets, from our pictures. After all YOU ARE ONE OF THE 99%. 

#Occupy Wall Street!!  

Here's a pretty powerful video of people who are at the protests:


  1. I am one of the 99% in Canada. These protests are world-wide right now. The trouble is that our press (owned by the 1%) in Canada and the States, does not report fairly on what is happening - so I'm happy to see that you are. Thank you for daring to be political in your post - this is a crisis.
    Jan Morrison

  2. We have more in common than I realized. I like my job. It's flexible which I need for the kids right now, but I haven't gotten a raise for the past three years and health insurance continues to increase. I'm taking home less now than I did last year and I'm sure that something will eventually have to give. There are only so many things you can cut from your expenses and there seems to always be new things that crop up.

  3. Danette you absolutely have to check out Jon Stewart's Daily Show segment on the occupy Wall Street. Mr. Stewart is so well spoken and so poignant on how bad Fox News is treating this. The conservative rich folk that are part of the 1% refuse to give T.E.A. Party-type cred to this revolution and lambast it anytime they get the chance.

  4. HEAR! HEAR!

    This problem gets worse with each given year. The middle class is being squeezed into the tightest of girdles. (Thought a little levity was needed here.)

    Soon we will be RICH and POOR with the poor as the majority. It is US who keep this country running, meanwhile we are being buried alive with taxes, insane gas and food prices, and falling real estate.

    My business dropped 95 percent in 2008 and it's not much better now. Thankfully I had money squirreled away, but that has dipped to a four digit level and won't last much longer.

    So I can relate. Family and friends are a great comfort to me at this time. But what about the other's who aren't as lucky.

    THiNGS need to change. I just hope they will before it's too late.

    On a lighter note, Danette your autumn pic is stunning.

  5. Well said, Danette. The American Dream - of equal opportunity in life no matter what your background - all too quickly became "look after number one". That inevitably leads to all the power and riches in the hands of an uncaring minority. It's a sick society that refuses to acknowledge any responsibility for looking after its citizens.

  6. Thank you one and all who stood by me today!!! Truly you are friends in the battle. I wasn't sure anyone would comment (other than Michael Offut... I was pretty sure he would)

  7. Bravo to you for posting this!! I too am one of the 99% and I am watching this demonstration with much interest. I won't bother you with my tale of woe here but know that you are not alone.
    Bravo, bravo, bravo!

  8. Well done you! I hate the way the government is putting a lid on the protests so that there is hardly any media coverage of it at all.

  9. Occupy Key West Oct. 15th, Mallory Square @ 5pm


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