Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What would I say to me when I was 15?

Life is...
full of adventure 
There are...
Hills to climb Oceans to cross Rivers to ford   
and thinking great thoughts 
Those are the first things 
I would tell a fifteen-year-old me
that I was..
full of love
give in to passion, to love
Passion is a tyrant of the heart 
but don't be afraid
You might make mistakes...
That's how you learn
Unless you refuse to learn what life has to teach you
There will be difficult times ahead
You might lose your way
But you can reclaim yourself by knowing 
holding tight to who you are and not believing 
that the outside wants to tell you about yourself
that you need to be
if you can hold on to the child, 
the child who loves sunshine 
dancing in the rain 
and laughing 
and reading all night 
and writing... 
if you can keep that joy,
 that love of life... 
then you will meet what comes 
with everything 
that you will need to have a good life, my darling. 


  1. I can think of a lot of things I'd say but I'd be afraid to change the past too much.

  2. Huh. Those are all beautiful but let's be honest Danette. If you could really talk to yourself at the age of fifteen...wouldn't you tell yourself something more practical?

    I about actual winning LOTTO numbers? Could you put up with having millions and millions of dollars at the age of fifteen? Could you handle that "stress"?

    Other things...I would tell myself about the stock market tanking because of sub-prime mortgages...I would tell myself to buy a whole case of Magic Cards in 1994 and set them aside unopened because they are worth tons of money now.

    I would tell myself that I'm gay and to stop wasting time fighting that and just embrace the fact that I'm different, that's okay, and it's okay to like boys instead of girls.

    I'd also tell myself to lose weight sooner and work harder at keeping it off.

  3. Great post Danette! I love it!

  4. "hold on to the child who loves sunshine" -- love this.

  5. Mary: I think I wouldnt mind changing it.

    Michael: you are too practical, my friend! (and I thought I was!) You have to have the soul of a poet here. That's what this is about... looking back and reading for the beauty and poetry in life, not just the Lottery and worrying about the tanking Stock market. But that bit about accepting who you are- about being gay... that was what I talking about when I said not to be afraid and to accept who I was. While I did not have to cross societal taboo, nevertheless, we all have to make peace with being ourselves and breaking away from some mold. I've had my own breaking away.

    Trish: Thanks! :D

    Sarah: Glad you liked it!!


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