Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tongues of gold

If you look at my header, a sliver of gold laps toward the heavens between the evergreen on the mountains in the background. They are the same type of tree as in the foreground... the Aspen. The Aspen is tasked with filling in the woods of Colorado after they have been ravaged with bark beetle (and thus cut down) or fire. They are known for their rapid growth and long lives and of course their beautiful yellow and golden leaves in the fall which is even more pronounced when it is framed by the brilliant green of the Colorado Blue Spruce.
Their silver trunks are stuff of legend for it is only with the stake of an aspen that it was believed you could kill a vampire or a werewolf. A bigger stake could be used to drive into the grave of a condemned person to keep them from rising from the dead.   
It was purported to be a tree that could ward off evil spirits which is why it was often planted near dwellings. The small heart shape leaves shiver melodically in the wind and it's no wonder that in Eastern Slavic Apocryphal literature that a legend sprung up that it was in an Aspen that Judas Iscariot hung himself and the leaves have trembled with fear ever since.*

Golden and beautiful against the azure blur skies, the Aspen is the perfect tree for the Halloween season!

*Legend: Wikipedia link


  1. Lovely trees. Such a beautiful golden colour.

  2. I totally didn't know all that about aspens. They are pretty, and I've always liked the leaves and bark, but I didn't know the lore! Very cool.

  3. Beautiful pictures - I had never heard those tales about aspen before. Very interesting and has potential use in my Nano novel. Thank for the info.

  4. Stunning photos. And your facts and stories about aspens were great. I feel educated. :)

  5. Hart: Yeah, it was new to me too. I mean it did come from Wikipedia so it could be that someone just made it up but it's also lore so it's also possibly the correct legend which is hard to trace.

    Michael: Thanks!!

    Judie: Glad you enjoyed it and hope you let me see how you use it in your novel.

    MPax: Thanks! It was fun for me too!

  6. What gorgeous gorgeous shots! Autumn is bliss...


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