Sunday, November 20, 2011

lifetime of memories

So full of milestones
my birthday (today)
my son's birthday ( my youngest- turned fourteen on the 8th- OMG!)
Freedom Day (the day my divorce was finalized- the 3rd). 
I missed Freedom Day this year with all the craziness
that tailspins me around from one thing to another.
My son's birthday was awhirl with life stuff (fourteen-year-olds will do some dumb stuff.)
And my birthday sandwiched between two days of work
November is a lodestone
of the past
Mimosas and cheesecake,
    favorite foods
Walking out of the courthouse,
    dance-down-the-street happiness that it was finally finished
Son sleeping in my arms
    trashcan close by to catch any upheavals
    while friends eat cake and laugh in hilarity
Being dressed like a doll (I hate shopping!)
    a fourth decade dragging me down,
    reminding me of opportunities dried up and carried off the wind
Bearing down, pushing,
     finding life altered once more with a bleated cry
Pecan pie eaten in a dorm room
Snowplowing my way home
     a surprise blizzard gifting me with the day off (DPS hadn't cancelled school in 20 years!)
A slammed door as whispered conspiracies shut me out
   exclusion burying the giggly companionship
Watching for a package laden postman (Mrs. Beasley in a box)
     anxious nose pressed against the glass
Many more
carried in the leaf blown arms of


  1. This is a beautiful list of memories, Danette. It does read like a poem! And Happy Birthday!!

    I hope you'll drop over and see that I've just self-published a novella length memoir, and a short story (memoir). Memories are where it's at when you're MY age! Happy/sad memories, as your November memories probably are. (A divorce is never easy).
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  2. Happy birthday my dear!!! Sparkly glitter and lots of bubbly to you! * clink clink* ( I tried to comment earlier but blogger was up to its usual tricks).

    Hope you're having a fab weekend and congrats to your son for his birthday too. So many memories, indeed. This year has flown!! I just read your post on Freedom day, you know - you are brave for taking the right decision six years ago and taking those steps towards a new life. As Steve Jobs said "your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life"... So true. Always stay true to yourself my dear. So lovely to know you! xx

  3. Happy birthday Danette!!! Despite having to work around that time, I hope you had a great day! This is a lovely list of memories!

  4. Ann: Thanks for dropping by and for the birthday greetings!

    Talei: So right! To life... to living our best life, dearest! *clink, clink*

    Trisha: Thanks and thanks for the comment on the other post. It means a lot!

    Mary: Thanks!

  5. Very, poetic, Danette. Happy Birthday and Happy Freedom Day!

    Fall is crazy for my household, too.

  6. Happy birthday to you and your son! Hope you managed to enjoy it.


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