Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Protect your privacy!

I received this email today and having already read the google privacy policy changes was glad that there was a way to protect my privacy. I thought perhaps you would like to have your web browsing history protected too so I thought I would post the email and the link for how to change you privacy settings.Hope it's helpful!

In just a few hours, new policies will take effect at Google, endangering your privacy.
Tech publication Gizmodo reports, "things you could do in relative anonymity today [like your web searches], will be explicitly associated with your name, your face, your phone number come March 1st." And this applies retro-actively if you don't act today. 
You can protect yourself in just 1 minute! Click here for a step-by-step guide to protecting your privacy from Google's changes. 


  1. Thanks for this... online privacy is very important.

    1. It is important! I should have written more about the new google policy changes because there are pretty scary but it was late so this is what I put up.

  2. Eeep. I think I deleted it all but if I haven't I'm not too worried. All people will see of my history is a bunch of random stuff with some gay porn in there. Not like I care if anyone knows that. I can recommend some gay porn sites to anyone that asks. The thing one ever asks me. But boy have I found some good ones!

    1. o Michael
      It's not really about that silly Michael. It's about google's ability to sell and/or hand over your personal information to the government or to companies that want to target you for specific things they are selling. You are their "product"- Facebook does this and anyone who uses facebook is paying for their services by allowing themselves to be used! But the government piece of this is more important because if you were surfing the net to learn about Islam or some other religion other than Christianity, google potentially would give it to the government and they could put you on the terrorist watch list. This is already done to some extent, it just increases it. And mind you, Google will still collect data on you so that they can filter your web browsing (supposedly for your benefit)... this just ups the ante. Thanks for stopping by! Danette

  3. I don't actually know much about Google's new privacy policy, but it sounds a little scary. Thanks for the link! I updated my settings!


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