Friday, March 2, 2012

Would you quit snoring???

I know I haven't written a real post in a while (in other words, I am just putting up videos and passing along info that others have gathered) but the good news is that I have been writing and have just (finally!) figured out an ending for my major project (Death and Politics at the End of the World) and how I am beginning another one (whose title at this point is Shitty First Draft. When I come up with a title I will let you know.) Anyway, I thought this was so cute that I would pass it along for a little weekend smile. I found this on one of my favorite websites Why Evolution is True operated by Jerry Coyne author of the book by the same name (obviously) who found it on YouTube. Hope you enjoy it!

 I guess this hummingbird is alone because it keeps it's diminutive friends awake!


  1. Oh, that is sooooo cute! I love hummingbirds, we're lucky enough to have frequent visitors to our feeder. They are amazing creatures.

  2. The deep sleep of the innocent....what a sweet little guy.

  3. That was too adorable. I LOVE hummingbirds, and that was the first time I had ever seen one sleeping, let alone snoring.

    Danette, I have returned to KEY WEST!!! A few days ago, I was asked by my wonderful friends to return for another glorious weekend.

    Again I thought of you, especially yesterday. I finally visited Hemingway's house. Not at all what I had expected, it unfortunately fell in some disrepair, and apparently the owners don't care for the stately mansion to upkeep it properly. HOWEVER, the gardens were lush and Hemingway's writing studio was worth the admission.

    The best part of all was the tour guide. He was AMAZING. I never knew half the things he told us. Hemingway became a part of my writer's life yesterday. I made a connection with him on that level.

    I have quite the interesting post planned about it for tomorrow or Tuesday. Not sure which yet... lol.

    Today's my last full day on this charming island so I hope to see beneath the tourism and Duval st. to the charm that once was this magical place.

    Have a wonderful weekend ...


  4. I didn't think humming birds ever stopped. This was so cute!!

  5. How adorable. And I'm glad to hear you're getting some writing done.

  6. I think hummingbirds are the most amazing creatures. I have a ton of them in my backyard, all colors. All very feisty.

  7. So funny and sweet! I'm glad to hear you're writing!

  8. That's great that you've figured out an ending. And even better that you have a beginning for another project, no matter how ragged it is!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

  9. LOL. Love your tentative title for project #2 ;)

  10. LOL I'm gonna show my mom this. I'm taking care of her for a week while my dad goes to a funeral to bury his mother.

  11. Ha! As someone who always gets bagged out for snoring, I have to stick with the hummingbird. ;) Hope all is well with you. I'm easing back into le blog, its been a tumultuous few months. x

  12. Too cute! :)

    I'm glad your writing is going well - that's awesome! :)

  13. omg, as my Grammy Helen used to say, "That is the cunninest thing evah."

    Love the blooming poinciana flower, too. What a beauty!


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