Sunday, April 27, 2014

Humpty Dumpty...

It would be too much of a cliche to say my mind was elsewhere. Ha! Who doesn't get behind the wheel and half a block down, their mind is already midway through the day, planning lunch, thinking about phone calls that need to be made, or the to-do list that you'd write if only you could write legibly while writing?
Might try it just this once...?
Or get that phone call out of the way if the phone is just within reach..."
Glancing up, a blurred look at the cars in front of me and over to the seat as reach over for my coat. Failing to find the object I was looking for in the fleeting moment I thought it was safe to try. I look back at the street. Red light. Cars chestnut lights in front of me. Too close.
Foot down!
To the floor! 
oh my god
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
im in one piece. 
Okay. I'm...
You okay? 
It's all business from there. Calls to insurance. Exchange of information. A tow?
It wasn't till later when I thought through the driving classes I've taken lately for work. The reminders of how fast it happens.
It will never happen to me. It happened to me. Just a glance. I looked. I didn't see. The light didn't register. Too distracted and I was multitasking.
Lesson learned. And learned hard.
Did you know that talking on a cell phone is as bad as being drunk? And people get in accidents all the time while driving distracted from eating or putting on makeup. Sleeping is also as bad as being under the influence.
Well, so now I have this cute little car:
       But I didn't have car payments before.


  1. When I see drivers posting or talking, my b/p goes to boiling point. So foolish. So much lack of care for the other drivers.

    Over from the A to Z. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Susan! I don't want to make people feel guilty- well maybe a little. But mostly I don't think people realize how the stats. And the stats show that it doesn't matter if it's a hand held or a hands free device. It's the same.

  2. It's so frightening how fast an accident can happen. So glad to hear you are okay. I never answer the phone while I'm driving as I can't drive and talk at the same time.

    1. It's good that you're so conscientious while driving. I really try to be, generally but accidents are not "on purposes" as my dad always said. But when there are things we can do (like avoiding that phone call) we should do the,.

  3. Oh no ! I'm so glad you're okay !
    An ex-colleague of mine always used to put her make-up on in the morning while driving to work on I-95. I remember thinking it was hilarious (we had the same commute so I even drove past her a few times and could see her putting on eyeliner or something in her car) - but of course it is dangerous as well... It only takes a second for something to happen when you're not paying attention - but then again, sometimes there's nothing you can do and accidents still happen...
    Cute Beetle :) Drive safely !

    1. I will drive safely. I keep thinking about how this little car won't be much protection if I get in another scrape with another big 4x4. if you saw what happened to the last one... so driving careful, for sure!!

  4. I'm thinking of getting rid of my old car entirely and going without. I live in a city and take public transportation every day. I feel so much safer and more relaxed. I ride a combination of train and bus to work and can walk to the grocery store, etc. Anyplace else I want to go, the bus goes. Why do I even need to own a car? Reading your experience just reinforces that.

    1. I really thought about not getting a car. And if we didn't have the winters we have and I didn't have so many meetings where it's more difficult to get to by bus or train, I'd consider it too. Well, there are just too many reasons actually. I'd be too dependent on other people here. Denver isn't as efficient as it once was for bus riders. Glad you can go without though! It's a good choice where folks can!!

  5. O_O Glad you're okay, though.

    I think all of us have those moments of lapses where we think it's okay to multitask when really is isn't even safe.

  6. Cheer up, some people do it on purpose. I ride with the assumption thta everyone is distracted, but this afternoon a Tesla driver deliberately tried to push my motorcycle off the road...luckily its a distinctive car and i will see him coming from a long way away next time I'm on Big Pine Key.


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